Project Activities

7th to 9th of November 2022
Training and Coordination Meeting in The Hague

The training introduced the partners to a new phase of the development of the project and started up the production of the project toolkit. The training was hosted by Museon Omniversum that specialises in the theme of climate change. During the training the partners started looking at a new ownership process of the UN 17 SDGs in the context of museum and heritage sites operations.

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4th to 7th of July 2022
Training and Coordination Meeting in Athens

The training was designed to share content that will form part of the Handbook of the BACH project. It was also a showcase of tasters of the kinds of tools and activities that form part of the toolkit. There was also a coordination meeting. All partners contributed to the content in workshops and planned the coming steps together.

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15th & 16th of February 2022
Kick off meeting in Cordoba hosted by Casa de Sefarad and Indepcie.
The meeting started up the partnership and the works of the project. Partners planned the coming months and the work on the first outputs of the project.

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