Project Activities

March 2024
Busy backend work has been done over the last weeks so that the two #HEMAidea youth groups bring #ideation and #communityconsultation to fruition.
Exciting times coming up as all youths will meet up virtually and continue with their #communityengagement in #Vittoriosa and in #SantaMarinella.


December 2023
#HEMAidea project youths in Malta
started their explorations to generate ideas in Malta. Their experimentation will be in the Inquisitor's Palace in Vittoriosa. Their first in-presence meeting was to bring them together and startup their use of collaborative tools for ideation. It also served to get to know each other and share talents that they can pool into the group effort.


9th December 2023
#BACHproject, its philosophy, results and vision for the future in the cultural heritage sector were presented at the Più Libri Più Liberi festival in Rome
. The event was held in the prestigious La Nuvola that provided a perfect backdrop for the informal exchange with promotors and operators of museums and heritage sites from the region of Lazio.

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October 2023
Recruitment of youths for experimentation in Malta and in Italy started to make sure we have the right profiles for the experimentation. Youths coming from the arts, culture management, tourism are coming on board. Planning to make this a positive and constructive step in their career.


28th September 2023
HEMA Idea is launched
. The name stands for HEritage More Attractive Idea and it will engage youths from Malta and from Santa Marinella near Rome in experimentations to make museums more interesting, inclusive and relevant for the communities around them. This is a partnership for youth that is a direct spin-off from the BACHproject. The partners are VisMedNet and Heritage Malta from the BACHproject partnership and a youth group Nature Education that met BACH during the training in Rome in January 2023. This is a great example of sustainability in action! Hoping for similar initiatives to start and keep the BACHnework up and running. The project will ride on the visibility of BACH giving it a good start.


23rd June 2023
The final public event of the BACHproject 
was held in Athens and it was organised by the Greek Cultural Institute. The participants were from a number of Athens based stakeholders in heritage and culture as well as from the education sector. It was attended by people working in the cultural sector, including museums, NGOs, startups and representatives from the municipality of Athens and Ministry of Culture.

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12th - 13th June 2023
Final Coordination Meeting in Malta
hosted by Heritage Malta where, besides discussions about our future together and administration, participants were treated to an experience in the back end of heritage management, restoration, security, digitisation and conservation.

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13th June 2023
The BACH networking event in Malta was organised by Heritage Malta and VisMedNet Association and it was attended by stakeholders from heritage and regional development bodies from Malta. The participants showed great interest in joining the BACHnetwork. After the event a networking activity continued and helped the community around the project grow further.

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22nd May 2023
The BACHproject public event in The Hague
was part of the 'Leren doe je samen' (Learn together) collaboration among the natural history museums in the Netherlands, focusing on education. The members of the working group meet regularly at one of the participating museums. The central theme of one of these meetings, which took place on May 22nd at Natuurmuseum Fryslân in the city of Leeuwarden, was the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). This meeting provided an excellent opportunity for the BACHproject multiplier event, bringing together staff from different institutions to learn about one of the central themes of the BACH project. In addition to an introduction about the BACH project as a whole, we focused on the theme of 'museums and the SDGs,' utilizing one of the chapters from the handbook and one of the tools from the toolbox.

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18th May 2023
Multiplier Event in Rome
 organised by Ciape, ANCI Lazio and Associazione ValIda where the results of the BACHproject were presented to a public from several countries including those from the city of Rome and the surrounding areas. Presenters shared results and tools for professionals in culture and heritage towards a more sustainable culture sector.


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18th May 2023
Public event by partners Casa de Sefarad and Indepcie in Córdoba
where the results of the project were presented to the public and the audience from the culture sector were later treated for tasting of traditional Sephardic dishes!

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26th - 28th January 2023
Training and Coordination Meeting in Rome

This was the first time that the participants tested parts of the BACHproject Toolkit to build and develop ideas for sustainable action on heritage sites and museums. The activities started with three groups visiting three towns close to Rome that merit more in so far as appreciation and higher economic return on their cultural patrimony. On the second day the participants developed ideas and then presented them to stakeholders.

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7th to 9th of November 2022
Training and Coordination Meeting in The Hague

The training introduced the partners to a new phase of the development of the project and started up the production of the project toolkit. The training was hosted by Museon Omniversum that specialises in the theme of climate change. During the training the partners started looking at a new ownership process of the UN 17 SDGs in the context of museum and heritage sites operations.

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4th to 7th of July 2022
Training and Coordination Meeting in Athens

The training was designed to share content that will form part of the Handbook of the BACH project. It was also a showcase of tasters of the kinds of tools and activities that form part of the toolkit. There was also a coordination meeting. All partners contributed to the content in workshops and planned the coming steps together.

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15th & 16th of February 2022
Kick off meeting in Cordoba hosted by Casa de Sefarad and Indepcie.
The meeting started up the partnership and the works of the project. Partners planned the coming months and the work on the first outputs of the project.

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Antoine Gambin