As preparation for training activities and for background knowledge about the development of business ideas we have used input from the Business Ideas Generation project where trainers in entrepreneurship delivered stand up lessons on various aspects of ideation.


Transform your work in success

Ethical and sustainable thinking

Behaving Ethically
Thinking Sustainably

Valuing Ideas

Sharing and Protecting Ideas

Spotting Opportunities

Focus on Challenges

Self awareness and self efficacy

Identifying Your Strengths and Weaknesses
Believing in Your Ability
Shaping Your Ideas

Motivation and Perseverence

Focus on What Keeps You Motivated
Not Giving Up

Mobilising Resources

Resources for Entrepreneurs
Making the Most of Your Time
Managing Resources (material and non-material)

Mobilising Others

Communicating Effectively
Inspiring and Getting Inspired
Using Media Effectively

Financial and Economic Literacy

Funds for Entrepreneurs
Understanding Economic and Financial Concepts


Being Curious and Open
Being Innovative
Value Design
Developing Ideas



Antoine Gambin