BACH Handbook and Toolkit

BACH works for the needs of the partners in the heritage sector that stem  from their responsibility to render heritage economically and socio-economically sustainable, so that it is able to fulfil its social mission and becomes a more visible and better acknowledged key player in social education, in the economy, the labor market and sectors that gain from a sustainable heritage sector, such as cultural tourism. In addition, it aims to give the sector opportunity to exploit the current (2022) period of positive keenness to get back to socialising and meeting others after the Covid-19 pandemic; the good timing to ride on the positive wave of internal tourism and new creative initiatives that operators of museums and heritage spaces undertook to keep their doors open in spite of lockdown. BACH aims to accomplish this through digital strategies and other outreach efforts, the avenues created by the new readiness for other social players in education, tourism, active aging and cultural operators to engage with digital and remote access and to undertake initiatives for socio economic comeback of their respective sectors. And, finally, the extraordinary demand on professionalisation and business acumen, communication and strategy in a time of dramatic change in the various heritage communities.

We have produced the BACHproject Handbook that is divided into several chapters and headings and then there is the BACHproject Toolkit that carries tools linked to different chapters.

The BACH Handbook and Toolkit can be viewed online or downloaded. These publications are covered by the Creative Commons licence. They are not to be sold or used for profit, authors should be acknowledged and origin mentioned.


BACHproject Handbook

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BACHproject Toolkit

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We have also published all the chapters and tools of the BACH Handbook and Toolkit in separate units to make it easier for the user to find what one finds more relevant and apt for one's context. The links below allow the user to download a chapter and any tools from the BACHproject Toolkit that help one implement and explore avenues for sustainable entrepreneurial initiatives for heritage sites and museums.

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